Traude Wild was born and raised in a  village along the Danube and went to Highschool in Krems/Donau. After completing a two-year program for tourism in Klesheim/Salzburg, she spent nearly a year in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia.  Back in Austria, she acquired a Master of Economics at the University of Vienna. Upon moving to the United States with her four children, she studied Art History at Arizona State University and stayed in the United States for fourteen years. Here, she taught Art History in several Universities including Webster University and University of Missouri-St. Louis. She now splits her time between Arizona and Vienna and works as Adjunct Professor for the University of South-Carolina.

Since 1999, she has been practicing Zen meditation in the lineage of Katagiri Roshi and Suzuki Roshi. She loves to hike and to write and is a student of Natalie Goldberg. During her often many weeks long hikes she focuses on bringing her awareness into the Here and Now, describing her experiences in an authentic way. The longest hikes she completed to date were the 900km long pilgrimage in France, the Voie de Vezelay and the 1 200 km long 88 Temple pilgrimage in Shikoku/Japan.