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Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, day seven

There was a lot of  uncertainties at breakfast if to continue the hike to the Innsbrucker Hütte or descend into the valley. Only when the hut host went from table to table and strongly advised against hiking to the Innsbrucker Hütte, I decided to follow his recommendation. In the night, many mudslides around the area swept away part of the path and blocked roads down in the valley. In two days, more rain was falling than normally in the whole of August. Except of one adventurous Dutch man, everybody else  walked into the valley. Enormous amount of water rushed down from every direction.  One time, I did not ckeck a puddle on the path and sank in to my knee. As I did alteady the last part of the hike several weeks ago, it was not too hard to stop the tour. Still, I would have preferred to finish the circle. 

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, day six

The weather forecast was bad- rain and snow over 2000m. However, in early morning the sky above was clear! Heavy clouds blanketed the vally down below.  Today, I walked the shortest section to the Bremerhütte.  Many iron ropes and iron clamps secured the way. A tiny stone house stood on the top of the pass- I was told that it was a former custom house, marking the border between Austria and Italy. When I arrived at the Bremer Hütte around noon, it started to rain. Tomorrow, the section will include a via ferrata ( secured climbing path) and is the longest distance so far. If the weather continous to be bad, I will have to descend into the valley and finish my hike.

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, day five

This day was a long day, as I combined two stages into one. When I left the Dresdner Hütte at 6:30 am, heavy mist was hiding everything around, except the immidiate surrounding. The rain made the path slippery and treacherous. At the start of my walk, I stepped on a nearly polished rock and slipped,  Luckily, I did not injure myself. After that, I was extremely careful! Soon, the mist disappeared. The weather was so beautiful that I climed the nearly 3000 m high Grossen Trögler. Heavy wind made it difficult to balance. After having lunch at the  Sulzenauhütte, the path was leadig up to the turquois green Grünau See and into another High Valley. Rain and hail started when I climed over a moutain pass secured by iron ropes and iron stairs. After nine hours of walking,  I was happy to arrive safely at the Nürnberger Hütte.

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, day three

It was a gorgeous day! The early morning sun reflected the uncountable dewdrops from grasses and moss. The path was leading over milky white water rushing down from the melting glaciers. On the steep slopes, the path was cut as a narrow band, hardly visible. Often it was leading over a  grey ocean of rocks and boulders where the eye had to search for the red and white stripes marking the way. Each step was important, needed to be grounded. I arrived at the Dresdner Hütte about 3 pm and jumped into the little lake near the cabin AAAHHH……cold and refreshing!

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, day four

My shadow was long when I passed the edge of a gorgeous marsh on the way to the highest point of this tour (2881m). Yesterday, a rockslide destroyed the way up to the pass. A hastily marked new path was leading over boulders to a nearly vertical slope of ice and gravel. A rope was there  to pull oneself up over the dangerous area. It was difficult. However, the view to the surrounding glaciers was stunning.  There was a roar of crushing ice and falling rocks in the air. Mountain goats were gracing in the distance. It was a long and beautiful day. 

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, a 9 day hike in one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps

Robert and I started the hike today on the Oberisshütte near Neustift/Tirol. The whole tour is 55km long, walking up 5712 m, walking down 5568m. Already at the beginning of our hike we enjoyed ripe rasberris, wild strawberries, blueberries and found a lot of chanterrelles peaking out of the mossy ground. We hiked up to the Starkenburgerhütte with roughly about 1000 m elevation change. Tomorrow, we will go to the Franz -Senn -Hütte. The weather forecast is bad- rain and sometimes thunderstorm “

Three Day Hike in the Stubaier Alpen/Tirol/Austria

We started our hike in Neustift (990 m), a town near Innsbruck. We, that is my son Robert, my daughter Anna-Sophie and I. 


At noon, we stopped at the Elferhütte to eat Kasknödelsuppe and drink fresh milk mixed with strawberry sauce.

From the Elferhütte (2004 m), we hiked farther up to the Innsbruckerhütte, were we stayed overnight.  

Starting from the Innsbruckerhütte (2370m), we climbed the Habicht,  a mountain with the altitude of 3277m.  During the first hour of climbing, thick fog covered the area. It was good to see the red and white trail markers.


The Habicht is a mountain made out of pure granite. In German, it is called “Urgestein”, translated as primordial stone. We had to pass large snow fields and hold on to steel ropes in the exposed areas.

The view from the summit was fantastic. In the south, we could see the mountains of Italy( South-Tirol). 

Like on the way up, every step on rocks needed to be grounded and carefully done. However, it was fun to run down the snow fields. 

Robert had to leave for Innsbruck in the evening. Anna-Sophie and I stayed in the Innsbruckerhütte for one more night. The next day, we climbed up the Kalkwand (2564 m). The peak of this mountain consists of limestone and is rugged and dramatic.     
From the Kalkwand, we walked back to the Innsbruckerhütte to get our backpacks and hiked down into the Pinnistal. The last part took us up to the Elfer from where we took a gondola to Neustift.

In Innsbruck, we went for dinner at the restaurant “Mount Everest”. It was six years ago that we hiked together in the Himalayas, where we did the 3 weeks hike around the 8th highest mountain of the world, the Manaslu in Nepal.

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