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Winter Days in Tyrol

Deep  winter surrounds Innsbruck this year in December. The Nordkette is blanketed by steep  snow fields with nearly vertical rocks  reaching up to the sky. Sometimes you can hear explosions caused by artificial detonations for avalanche control. We choose mountains a bit farther away from Innsbruck for our winter activities. On the first day, we climb up with our snow shoes to the Mutterealm.

Icy wind blows in our faces. We are glad to find a protected place for  hot Punsch and cookies.

Anna-Sophie and Robert

We love the chilly harshness of the mountain. However, it gets dark soon and we take the last gondola down to the valley.

The next day we go skiing on the Axamer Lizum. Heavy mist makes everything disappear into a white field of unexpected surprises. It is a challenge for me to trust my skiing abilities, as I did not go skiing for years. I survive without injury. We finish our day with Jägertee in the Almhütte.

The weather is gorgeous when we go sledging on a 6km long slope down the Serlas Mountain in Mieders. Curves, bumps, and icy parts make it even more fun to slide down the mountain with incredible speed.


  1. Traude, This looks like a challenge and also fun in a winter wonderland.

  2. I’m envious, Traude. How I wish I could still ski and snowboard in the high mountains. But I can get vicarious pleasure just by looking at your photos.

  3. Thanks for the photos and report. Looks cold, but fun.

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