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Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, day five

This day was a long day, as I combined two stages into one. When I left the Dresdner Hütte at 6:30 am, heavy mist was hiding everything around, except the immidiate surrounding. The rain made the path slippery and treacherous. At the start of my walk, I stepped on a nearly polished rock and slipped,  Luckily, I did not injure myself. After that, I was extremely careful! Soon, the mist disappeared. The weather was so beautiful that I climed the nearly 3000 m high Grossen Trögler. Heavy wind made it difficult to balance. After having lunch at the  Sulzenauhütte, the path was leadig up to the turquois green Grünau See and into another High Valley. Rain and hail started when I climed over a moutain pass secured by iron ropes and iron stairs. After nine hours of walking,  I was happy to arrive safely at the Nürnberger Hütte.


  1. Your photos make me so nostalgic for the Alps. Thanks for sharing. Love, E

  2. you are amazing!! be careful out there!
    big hugs,
    P and T

  3. I did not realize how advanced your level of hiking is… stupid me!!! How little I know of all that you are about… I especially like how healthy everyone looks by the cool pond after the long hike…

    • (the pond was on day 3, of course)… and reading your last post, I hope you feel affirmed that you took safety to heart… I am glad you are safe and hopefully rested by now… but who knows, the next trek is always right around the corner… 🙂 !! up the next path…

      • I am back in Vienna now and I am glad that you could see how I enjoyed this hike. In regard to the level of hiking, everything is relative! I am walking slow, nearly everybody passes me……..

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