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Date: August 6, 2017

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg,day two

The weather forecast was true- thunderstorm and continous rain. The spectacular view turned out to be a view into dense fog. Soon after the start of our hike, our hair was covered with pearls of water, like the grass beside the narrow path. New waterfalls rushed doown and our path turned into little creeks. The steep meadows turned into a field of intense green, dotted with colorfol flowers. Despite the really bad weather, the day was beautiful!

Grosser Stubaier Höhenweg, a 9 day hike in one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps

Robert and I started the hike today on the Oberisshütte near Neustift/Tirol. The whole tour is 55km long, walking up 5712 m, walking down 5568m. Already at the beginning of our hike we enjoyed ripe rasberris, wild strawberries, blueberries and found a lot of chanterrelles peaking out of the mossy ground. We hiked up to the Starkenburgerhütte with roughly about 1000 m elevation change. Tomorrow, we will go to the Franz -Senn -Hütte. The weather forecast is bad- rain and sometimes thunderstorm “

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