We started our hike in Neustift (990 m), a town near Innsbruck. We, that is my son Robert, my daughter Anna-Sophie and I. 


At noon, we stopped at the Elferhütte to eat Kasknödelsuppe and drink fresh milk mixed with strawberry sauce.

From the Elferhütte (2004 m), we hiked farther up to the Innsbruckerhütte, were we stayed overnight.  

Starting from the Innsbruckerhütte (2370m), we climbed the Habicht,  a mountain with the altitude of 3277m.  During the first hour of climbing, thick fog covered the area. It was good to see the red and white trail markers.


The Habicht is a mountain made out of pure granite. In German, it is called “Urgestein”, translated as primordial stone. We had to pass large snow fields and hold on to steel ropes in the exposed areas.

The view from the summit was fantastic. In the south, we could see the mountains of Italy( South-Tirol). 

Like on the way up, every step on rocks needed to be grounded and carefully done. However, it was fun to run down the snow fields. 

Robert had to leave for Innsbruck in the evening. Anna-Sophie and I stayed in the Innsbruckerhütte for one more night. The next day, we climbed up the Kalkwand (2564 m). The peak of this mountain consists of limestone and is rugged and dramatic.     
From the Kalkwand, we walked back to the Innsbruckerhütte to get our backpacks and hiked down into the Pinnistal. The last part took us up to the Elfer from where we took a gondola to Neustift.

In Innsbruck, we went for dinner at the restaurant “Mount Everest”. It was six years ago that we hiked together in the Himalayas, where we did the 3 weeks hike around the 8th highest mountain of the world, the Manaslu in Nepal.