We started our trek at the visitor center of Ajloun Castle whrere we also met our guide Eisa (Jesus).

Our group with Ajloun Castle in the background.

Our path was leading us through olive tree gardens and desert forests of wild pine trees, Kermes Oak trees and wild Strawberry trees. The ground covered with rocks and dry, red soil required to be attended to with each step.

A forest of dry thistles with a view to the Jordan Valley and the West Bank.

A Wild Strawberry Tree

Our first longer stop was at Mar Elyas, a now deteriorated church dedicated to the prophet Elias. He was born in the closeby village Lisbit nearly 3000 years ago.

View from the apsis of the church to the west entrance with a sophisticated water collecting system. The tree in the front is covered with wishing bands.

Mosaic of the church floor.

The Jordan police is known to be very friendly. They invited us for tea.

Mosque dedicated to Elias.

Near Orjan village we passed orchards of 2000 years old olive trees planted by the Romans. Some were even older.

Several thousands of years old olive tree.

The sweet smell of figs filled the air in the valley near Orjan. A well provided plenty of water for the fruit orchards.

We stayed overnight in the house of Eisa. His wife cooked delicious food for us.