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Shikoku,Day 50

I’am going to roll over

So please move.



Huge piece of art at the harbour of Takamatsu. Unfortunatly, the information was only written in Japanese. 

Shokoku, Day 49

In an old templ

Deep in Mount Koya,

Kii  Province,

I listed to the raindrops

Falling from a cedar trees


  • A tori (lantern)with the Daishi hall in the background on the mountain temple Shiromineji, temple 81. Every  Shingon temple has 2 major buildings, the main hall and the Daisihi hall. Huge cedar trees were surrounding the temple .

Shikoku, Day 48

On a pitch dark

night road

I get lost

watching the moon

set behind a faraway mountain.


In Kokubunji, tempel 80, the original Shinto religion is living side by side with Buddhist religion. I was intriguid by the beauty and serenity of this gilded sculpure of a couple in front of a Shinto shrine, both independent and yet connected by the golden cord. In the background you can see a Buddhist stupa.

Shikoku, Day 47

On a hilltop

The firm-standing castle

And fresh new leaves!

Marugame castle on Kameyama (turtle mountain) in Marugame City is very close to the hotel I am staying today. The “Tenshu” on the top of the mountain is not a house for living in but a defense tower. The 3 level wooden tower is connected by increadible steep stairs – hard to climb for armored samurais.

ShokokuDay 46

It was with awe

That I beheld

Fresh leaves, green leaves

Bright in the sun.


Pond before Mandaraji, temple 72. Today, I passed many ponds with turtles in in the water resting in the sun. Fruit trees like Kiwi and the Biwa fruit trees were growing along the path. The distant mountains were covered with fresh shades of green.

Shikoku, Day 45

On a hanging bell

Staying while he sleeps, 

A butterfly!


Bell towers are an important part of a temple. After cleansing hands and mouth at the temple entrance, the pilgrim announces the arrival by ringing the bell. Hitting the huge bell with the wooden beam and listen to the deep belly sound slowly disappearing  is one of my favorite things in a temple. 

The photo of the bell tower I took at the Ni-ike pond before Jinnein, temple 68.There are many other temples and shrines despite the 88 temples along the way.

Shikoku, Day 44

In a qiet forest, sitting alone,

In a grass hut at dawn,

“Bup, po,so” I thought

I heard a bird cry.

Was it a bird’s cry?

I heard it in my mind

The sound,stream, clouds, and mind

Diffuse brightly in the morning rays.


One of hundreds of concrete statues lined up at Upenji (temple 66) showing all kinds of  facial expressions and emotions, most of them with an animal. A pilgrim told me that they were special monks with a high state of awareness. It was freezing cold up there on 900 m.

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