peace is every step

Shikoku,Day 54

In the evening of a thousand peaks, I close my eyes.

Among humans, myriad of thoughts are trivial.

Serenely, I sit on my mat.

In solitude, I face an open window.

The incense has burnt out and a dark night is long.

Dew is thick; my robe is thin.

Emerging from Samadhi, I walk in the garden.

The moon has risen over the highest peak.

Blooming wisteria, azalea and dogwood tree ( white blossoms) beside a water fountain in a small temple on my way back to Ryozenji, temple 1.  With that, I closed the circle, a circle which has no beginning nor end.

I want to thank you all for walking with me on this pilgrimage. It was a truly amazing experience. The kindness, generosity and warmhearteness of the Japanese people I met on the way was increadible. The beauty of the nature was often beyond words. I hope the photos could convey a little bit what I felt. In deep gratitude for the way, Traude.


  1. it was a joy to follow you and witness your amazing journey! hugs from AZ with love, Patty and Thomas

  2. Congratulations, Traude, on your wonderful accomplishment of completing the entire 88 temple pilgrimage.

  3. Congratulations on your safe, pleasant, wonderful pilgrimage for so many days, practice with so difficult schedule, paths with so much wonder and beauty – amazing abundance adorning your life! I hope you had enough rest and refreshment in Nara, Kyoto, (and Tokyo?). Please share your experience with your beautiful pictures with us in our blog site as before – no rush, but before your fresh memories are with you vivid.

    • Thank you, Rosan, for your comments and support. It was you who gave me the courage to step into an unknown world when the pilgrimage was still a dream two years ago. Thank you so much for your words of “just do it, you will get support”. It turned out to be true. I will write about my experience in more detail on the MZC center blog.

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