In the evening of a thousand peaks, I close my eyes.

Among humans, myriad of thoughts are trivial.

Serenely, I sit on my mat.

In solitude, I face an open window.

The incense has burnt out and a dark night is long.

Dew is thick; my robe is thin.

Emerging from Samadhi, I walk in the garden.

The moon has risen over the highest peak.

Blooming wisteria, azalea and dogwood tree ( white blossoms) beside a water fountain in a small temple on my way back to Ryozenji, temple 1.  With that, I closed the circle, a circle which has no beginning nor end.

I want to thank you all for walking with me on this pilgrimage. It was a truly amazing experience. The kindness, generosity and warmhearteness of the Japanese people I met on the way was increadible. The beauty of the nature was often beyond words. I hope the photos could convey a little bit what I felt. In deep gratitude for the way, Traude.