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A day in the area of Kyoto

Where the cuckoo’s voice

Glided into the sea

Shooting across the sky

I found an island.




In walking across a stretch of land called Amanohoshidate, I found this poem of Basho inscribed in a rock. It is one of my favorite haikus. The shape of the land is similar to the shape of a dragon.



Down below an eagle searching for food in Ine town


Nara, 2 days

Exhausted, I sought

A country inn, but found

Wisteria in bloom.


In the Botanical garden of the Kasuga Shrine in Nara ( old Japanese capital) the visitors admire the abandunt blossoms of many kinds of wisteria.

Three days in Koyasan/Japan

In an old temple

Deep in Mount Koya

Kii province

I listen to rain drops

Falling from a cedar tree.



This is the walkway to the mausoleum of Kukai. It is said that he is not dead but in eternal meditation. The walkway to the mausoleum is lined with many centuries old cedar trees. 200 000 people are buried in this sacred place.


Shikoku,Day 54

In the evening of a thousand peaks, I close my eyes.

Among humans, myriad of thoughts are trivial.

Serenely, I sit on my mat.

In solitude, I face an open window.

The incense has burnt out and a dark night is long.

Dew is thick; my robe is thin.

Emerging from Samadhi, I walk in the garden.

The moon has risen over the highest peak.

Blooming wisteria, azalea and dogwood tree ( white blossoms) beside a water fountain in a small temple on my way back to Ryozenji, temple 1.  With that, I closed the circle, a circle which has no beginning nor end.

I want to thank you all for walking with me on this pilgrimage. It was a truly amazing experience. The kindness, generosity and warmhearteness of the Japanese people I met on the way was increadible. The beauty of the nature was often beyond words. I hope the photos could convey a little bit what I felt. In deep gratitude for the way, Traude.

Shikoku,Day 53

 Foot and earth touch

Bright sunflowers fill our eyes

In the distance, thunder roars.

Sweat trickles down our cheeks,

Fully entering the world of birth and 


Our tears nourish all beings.

Transcending the world of birth and 


Empty footprints going nowhere.

                     Thich Nhat Hanh

Arriving at Okuboji, temple 88. The path to it required some rock climbing and a steep descend but was increadible beautiful.

Path down in the direction of Ryozenji, temple 1, where I started my journey.

Shikoku,Day 52

Still alive I am

At the end of a long dream

On my journey,

Fall of an autumn day. 

                          Matsuo Basho
In no other country than in Japan I felt the beauty of impermanence as strongly – Everything changes constantly.   This is one of many abandoned houses in Shikoku in Sanuki City near Shidoji, temple 86.

Shikoku, Day 51

As long as I don’t aim

I want miss.

With the catalpa bow,

I shoot an arrow

Toward the open sky.


 Today I visited the islands Naoshima and Teshima with amazing architecture and art. The white building is the Teshima art museum where only the big space is present – just white curved concrete walls and two huge round openings to the sky. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed. The little building to the left is the cafe. I took a picture there.


Cafe and shop of the Teshima Art museum built by the architect Kazuyo Sejima.

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