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Shikoku, Day26

We meet and we part ,

Coming and going – hearts like passimg clouds.

Except for the marks of a frosty – hair brush,

Human traces are hard to find.


 Exchanging cards with a Shingon priest from Mt. Koya at Daihoji, temple 44

Shikoku, Day25

I picked my way

Through a mountain road

And I was greeted

By a smiling violet.

On my way to Kuma-kogen town, I walked over two passes through the most gorgeous mountain areas and saw many dilapitated houses with everything still in. These long forgotten and abandoned houses had their own charme.

Shikoku, Day 24

Ah, it is spring

Great spring it is now

Great, great spring –

Ah, great-

Walking beside the Odo river, a house with a blooming Magnolia tree.

Shikoku, Day 23

With blossoms fallen

In spaces between the twigs a temple

Has appeared.


An old lady wearing the traditional hat admiring her old cherry tree blossoming. I had a nice chat with her, although we could not understand each other on one level. But we knew that it was about the beauty of the blossoms. On my way spring is everywhere- violets, daffodils,dandelion, tulips, camelias, magnolias, and many more seem to bloom all at once.

Shikoku, Day 22

Breathing out clouds

Breathing in cherry blossoms

Mt. Yoshino

(This haiku was sent to me by a friend just now, it fits perfectly to my day)


 A- gyo, one of the two guardien deities who protect the temple from evil. He has his mouth open.
 Un- gyo, also protector, contains his wrath. In front of every temple, these two statues, called Niou-zo, are standing left and right in the entrance gate.  I took this photos today at Butsumokuji, temple 42.

Shikoku, Day 21

The path is you

That is why it will never tire of waiting.

Wether it is covered with red dust,

Autumn leaves

Or icy snow,

Come back to the path.

You will be like the tree of life.

Your leaves, trunk, branches

And the blossoms of your soul

Will be fresh and beautyful

Once you entered the practice of

Earth Touching. 

               Thich Nhat Hanh
WTypical japanese house with a vending machine under the porch. One can even buy hot drinks like coffee and hot Tea in this machines. Vending machines are everywhere, no need to take water along the path.

Shikoku, Day 20


I sneak into your garden

To eat aronia berries

(Please keep yourself hidden

Until I go away)

Mosaic in a pedestrian tunnel along the coast after Kanjizaiji (temple 40) There are many tunnels along the path, usually shared with cars. This one was the first for pedestrians and bikers only. As it was a rainy day, it was good to be dry for a short time.

  1. Normally, the tunnels are dark and only a narrow line is left for pedestrians. This on was different.
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