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Shikoku, Day 33

Campher tree roots

Silently becoming wet

On a winter shower.

Campher tree root in a Shinto shrine after Maegamiji, temple 64.

Trunk of the hundreds of years old Campher tree



Shikoku, Day 32

Water of spring

Violet and white flowered reeds

Moistened as it flows.


Sacred waterfall were Buddhist ascetics once cleaned themselfs (after the mountain temple Yokomineji, Temple 60).

Shikoku, Day 31

Arriving here at this village

Peach blossoms

In full bloom.

Red petals reflect

On the river.


Spring flower arrangement in the Mikada Onsen Hotel were I stayed overnight. Japan has many Onsen (hot springs). After a long hiking day, these onsen ( if not onsen, then a hot bath) are increadible relaxing………..

Shikoku, Day 30

Cooleness –

Separating from the bell,

A bell’s voice.


Ohenro  wearing the typical outfit of a pilgrim- the sugegasa (sedged hat), hakui (white vest), zudabukuro ( white bag), wagesa (stola around the neck) and the kongozue ( staff). Today, at Nankobo (temple 55) a pilgrim must have taken accidently my staff. As it is believed that with the staff Kobo Daishi ( Kukai ) is walking with the pilgrim, actually, it was never my kogozue anyway😊. So from now,on I walk with somebody elses staff.

Shikoku Day 29

There are sounds of flutes and drums

But in this deep mountain

Only a pine rustles.

A wedding in a Shinto shrine in Matsuyama city. Weddings are often connected with the Shinto tradition, whereas funerals are done by Buddhist monks.

Traditional way of bride and groom of leaving the shrine.

Shikoku, Day 28

At midnight

Under the bright moon

A secret worm

Digs into a chestnut.

Large cave system with childlike statues of Jizos behind the main buildings of Ishiteji (temple 51)in Matsuyama. So far, this temple was the most mysteious temple I saw. 
The stones in front of the shrine had all names on it, it was a shrine for the wish of a baby. I guess, when the wish was fulfilled, a stone was donated.

Shikoku, Day 27

How could we discuss this and that

Without knowing that the world

Is reflected in a single perl.



 Two pilgrims and I in  front of a 1000 year old Juniper tree in Juroriji, temple 46. Hundreds of years old cedar trees grow often in the mountain temples. I love those ancient trees.

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