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Month: February 2016

Shikoku,Day 2

Winter bareness –

Little birds seeking food

In the patch of green onion.


  Statue of Jizu Bosatsu, protector of wanderer and children in Jizoji, temple number 5.

Shikoku, day one

Take my hand

We will walk 

We will only walk

We will enjoy our walk

Without thinking of arriving  anywhere. 

Walk peacefully,

Walk happily, 

Our walk is a peace  walk

Our walk is a happiness walk.

                                     Thich Nhat Hanh
In front of Ryozenji (Temple. 1) in the new pilgrim’s outfit with Shigeo

Shikoku/ Koyasan

I have brought

The melancholy of my heart

Up the hill

To the wild roses in flower


The great Stupa Kondon Daito ( red building) designed by Kōbō Daishi (Kūkai) 1200 years ago on mount Koya

88 Temple Pilgrimage, Shikoku / Japan

Walking the 88 Temple pilgrimage


I do not remember when I first heard about the 88 Temple pilgrimage in Japan. For years, I harbored the thought of walking it myself as a very secret wish, secret even to myself. After a long incubation period, the dream finally becomes reality. At the end of February, beginning of March, I will start the over 800 mile long journey from temple to temple as an “ohenro”, as a pilgrim following the footsteps of Kukai, one of the most well known historic figures in Japan.

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When a single feather and a thousand worlds

are equally this Space,

Who can say which contains which?

Who can find limits

to life’s richness?

                                                 Tharthang Tulku



It is your mind

It is your mind that creates this world!

Gautama Buddha



Photo take inn front of the Karlskirche in Vienna/Austria

Photo take inn front of the Karlskirche in Vienna/Austria



Ginger root growing out of itself

Ginger root growing out of itself


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