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Camino Primitivo, Day 12



Leaving the town through the Puerta de Santiago, the way leads to a Roman bridge over the river Miño and follows most of the time the Roman road. Unfortunately, it is an asphalt street now.


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Camino Primitivo, Day 11



The heavy mist which covered the town during the night quickly lifted up and the day became cloudless and clear again. Often, the path followed a tiny asphalt road, luckily with no traffic on it. The first rest I took was at the Capilla del Carmen, a little chapel in the middle of a gorgeous oak forest with many picnic tables underneath. I was the only person there.

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Camino Primitivo, Day 10



It was already the 4th day that the path was above the clouds, alternating in a constant up and down between 3000 and 4000 feet. Deep green ravines, healthy forests and meadows, hamlets and ruins of former hospices made this over 1000-year-old path into a magical experience.


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Camino Primitivo, Day 9



On day nine, I left Asturia and entered Galicia, a place known for the abundance of rain. But only the morning dew and the mist covering the meadows were signs of the wetness of this area and they soon dissolved.


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Camino Primitivo, Day 8

Berducedo – Grandas de Salime


The first two hours of the morning hike where still up at an altitude of 3000 feet. The silence, beauty and remoteness of the path was stunning. Windmills on the top of the mountain added a curious, deep sound in the distance.



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Camino Primitivo, Day 7

Borres – Berducedo


The hike from Borris to Berducedo is considered the highlight of the Camino Primitivo. The path leads up to nearly 4000 feet and stays up in this height for about 18 miles. It is not recommended to walk it when the weather is bad – but I was lucky. The whole day was cloudless and clear with spectacular views.


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Camino Primitivo, Day 6

Tineo – Borres


Walking out of Tineo in the direction of Borres, I followed a former Roman road. The wheels of the many wagons driving on the road left grooves in the rock. It was neat to follow these ancient tracks. On this day, I only walked 10 miles.


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