Lass dir alles geschehen: Schönheit und Schrecken.

Man muss nur gehen: Kein Gefühl ist das fernste.

Lass dich von mir nicht trennen.

Nah ist das Land

das sie Leben nennen..

                                                                                                 Rainer Maria Rilke



Let it all happen to you: beauty and dread. Just walk – no feeling is too far.Do not let yourself be disconnected from me. Very close is the land they call life.


The two days of hiking where miles and miles and miles straight to the west on a former railroad track through a dense forest with hardly any villages in between. The singing of the birds, the sounds of the cicadas and the whispering of the wind in the treetops were the only sounds going with me. Several feet high ferns were growing in between oak and pine trees where the sunlight was making interesting patterns of light and shade.


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