Md. Malivon’s chateau was close to the canal. She showed me a shortcut through her park and I walked through dense bushes, over a wall and a ditch back to my way. It was not easy with my backpack. When I reached the canal, the joy of walking immediately captivated me again. Little dew drops on the grass looked like pearls in the morning sun and the flowers along the canal were glowing in brilliant colors. It was not long after I started my walk that I found the most beautiful feather. I loved it so much that I made many photos with the feather in it.















After four hours of walking, I reached the town Saint-Amand-Montrond. Here, I bought a guidebook of the “Grande Randonnée,” a hiking route that was pretty much the same as the Via Lemovicensis. The description was much better than in the two books I had taken with me. In this town, I had to leave the canal.






The way continued through seemingly endless meadows and fields, always in the southwest direction. It was hot and there was hardly any shade. My water bottle was empty and nobody was at home when I rang the bell of a house. Then, the owner arrived in his car and filled my water bottle with cool water. It was wonderful!



Stone Bridge in Bouzais

Stone Bridge in Bouzais






The refuge in Loye-sur Arnon was full. Md. Malivon had reserved a place for me one mile outside of the town. I had only a vague idea about the location and asked at a car repair place where it was. The owner offered to give me a ride. I was incredible thankful for his help.



The bed and breakfast place “La Folie”

The bed and breakfast place “La Folie”