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Date: June 6, 2014

Voie de Vézelay, Day 1




Vézelay is a medieval town in Burgundy, most famous for the Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madelaine. Legend says that Mary Magdalene is buried there. This was the reason why the town gained enormous importance during medieval times. The second and third crusade started in this town.


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Voie de Vézelay: a Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela





When a single feather and a thousand worlds

are equally this Space,

Who can say which contains which?

Who can find limits

to life’s richness?

                                                                        Tharthang Tulku


In the summer 2014, I went on a six week pilgrimage through France, one of the three major French pilgrimage ways to Santiago de Compostela. I started in Vézelay and went to Saint-Jean–Pied-de-Port, the popular starting point of the Camino Frances in Spain. The whole distance was about 560 miles. The walk is also known under the name Via Lemovicensis. I walked alone.


As part of the pilgrimage, I did a one weeklong creative writing workshop with Natalie Goldberg. The workshop was located near La Souterraine, a town on the Voie de Vézelay. “Closing the Gap” was the theme of the workshop. This was also the intention of my walk – to live in the present moment, closing the gap between body and mind. With this walk, I also closed the gap between the Camino Frances I did with my daughter four years ago and the Via Lemovicensis, the walk from Vézelay to St. Jean–Pied-de-Port. Like always, I took poems, haiku’s and Dharma sayings with me. Often, I pulled one of the sayings for the day. I will include these in my report.


I am very happy that I can share my experiences with you. Thank you very much for walking with me.







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