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World Heritage Trail, Wachau, Day 1

The Wachau Valley is a stretch of land along the Danube in Austria dedicated by

UNESCO as World Heritage Site. It is the land of my ancestors and here, I also was

born and raised.  For two weeks, I rediscovered it by walking through the valley on a

trail called World Heritage Trail (Welterbesteig).  It was a coming home.  Coming

home as an intimate connection with everything around, with nature, culture and

people.  I would love to share some of my experiences with you.

I started the trail close to my home village in the Benedictine monastery of Göttweig.

For hundreds of years the connection between the monastery and my ancestors was

very close. I love the thick stone walls and the silence behind them. Sometimes, I go

there for silent retreats.



West side of the Benedictine monastery of Göttweig


When I started the trek, the apricot trees were in full bloom. Apricot blossoms are

very fragile and only last  a few days. The beauty of impermanence was stunning.







Black song bird in blooming apricot tree




Pathway to Krems with wine cellars to the left







  1. Dear Traude,

    I love looking at the photos. They make me homesick for Europe. I love the way you appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you. I’m envious how you keep walking all over the world. Much love, Erica

    • Dear Erica, I had the report of this hike for a long time in my draft folder and finally decided to publish it. I am very happy that you appreciate it. There is so much beauty in this world! Your message of “Keep walking, despite of all of it” on your blog is so inspiring…..
      Much love and big, warm hug, Traude

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